Sustainable Pop-up Restaurant – A Case Study

Date: 26th February 2019
Venue: Terrace Garden of Jindal School of Hotel Management, Vadodara
Occasion: Sustainable pop-up restaurant �Dholakpur
Hosts: Final year students of 3 year BBA in Hotel & Tourism Management

Third-year students of BBA in Hotel & Tourism Management took up the challenge of creating a commercial pop-up sustainable restaurant for one day. The event was a part of their Gastronomy Course assessment.

The pop-up restaurant was a sellout and an enthralling Culinary experience for all the customers.

The terrace of the college was the venue. The elements that made this pop-up a success were:

1. Sustainable Menu: The vegetables and the herbs were sourced directly from the farmers. No processed food was used; resulting in lesser carbon footprints

2. Wow factor: The decor was traditional and eco-friendly. Homegrown microgreens, earthenware, reusable dry flower arrangements and local linen made the decor truly green without compromising on the rich look & feel.

3. Saving Electricity: The event was lunch in the open terrace. The venue for this sustainable restaurant was tactfully chosen for its natural light & breeze.

4. Attractive Pricing: The entry fee of Rs.200/- made the meals affordable to all. Because of this smart pricing ensured that the pop-up restaurant was a sell-out. The price was all-inclusive for the unlimited meal.

5. The U.S.P: Natural leaf plate and clay glassware gave a unique flavour to the food items. Even the water from the eco wash was reused to water plants. The guests experienced eating with hand. This resulted in the saving of water.

6. Responsibility: Food quantity was carefully planned to reduce wastage. The little bit of leftover was handed over to the needy. All the waste was disposed into the in-house compost bin,

With such responsible students, the future of our planet is in good hands!