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3-Month Craftsman Course in Food and Beverage Service

Welcome to the 3-Month Craftsman Course in Food and Beverage Service!

An outstanding dining experience is most often the result of professional food and beverage service garnished with a personal touch. Qualified servers make a diner feel welcome, help them navigate the menu, serve with flair, and provide friendly service from arrival to departure. Our course recognizes the high level of professionalism needed to succeed and to bring outstanding service to every guest. Trainees hone their skills at our world class restaurant.

The course presents service knowledge and soft skills needed in the food and beverage industry and include:

  • Taking reservations
  • Greeting and seating guests, menu presentation
  • Recommending and Selling
  • Taking the Orders
  • Service and Attentive Care
  • Payment and Farewell

At the end of the course, you�ll have the skills and knowledge needed to work in entry-level positions at cafes, restaurants, hotels, and commercial catering establishments. Moreover, you�ll develop the confidence to start your caf�, restaurant, or catering business. Join us today and become qualified service professional!

Job Options:
Prepares candidates for entry-level positions in cafes, restaurants, hotels, and commercial catering establishments.

8th Pass and 18 Years

3-Month Craftsman Course in Food and Beverage Service Fees


The fees include Tuition Fees, Study Materials, Service Kit, Practical Materials, Library and Internet Charges, and Examination Fees.

Curriculum of 3-Month Craftsman Course in Food and Beverage Service

  • Employee Responsibilities: Expectations of a professional in the food and beverage industry.
  • Safety and Regulations in Food and Beverage Service: Best practices to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Getting to Know the Food and Beverage Service Professional
  • Service Preparations: Basic restaurant organization and preparation techniques.
  • Job Breakdowns: The different roles and responsibilities in a professional food and beverage operation.
  • Mise-en-place: Effectively prepare and organize food and beverage service elements for quality guest service.
  • Introduction to Service Methods: Examine and compare various service techniques and their applications in food and beverage service.
  • Quality Service Skills: Preparing for Service, Opening Duties, Greeting Guests and Taking Beverage Orders, Placing the Order, Clearing Appetiser, Picking Up the Order, Serving Orders, Completing Service
  • Suggestive Selling: Know Your Products, Practice Good Guest Relations, Read Your Guests, Speak Confidently, Ask for the Sale
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and High Tea Buffet: Execute with assisted service.
  • Coffee Bar Operations: Set-up, operate and manage the coffee bar.
  • Wine Bar: Set-up, operate and manage the wine bar. Serve red, white, rose, and sparkling wines. Decant Port/old-age red wines. Bottle wine, cork bottles, and label wines. Chill wines. Present and describe wines. Open wine bottles. Conduct tasting ceremony. Recommending wines with Indian, Continental, and international food
  • Menu Design: Design menus, lay place settings.
  • Guest Checks: Prepare, present, and settle guest checks.
  • Duty Roster: Develop and interpret duty roster and complete responsibilities in a time-bound manner.
  • Setting Up the Cocktail Bar: Set-up, operate and manage a cocktail bar.

A La Carte Service:

  • Active Sales: Apply active sales techniques during order taking. Demonstrate up-selling and suggestive selling techniques.
  • A la carte Order-Taking: Record a la carte orders and remember individual orders. Adjust covers for a-la-carte order. Handle multiple requests.
  • A la carte Guest Checks: Prepare and settle checks for A-la-carte service.
  • Guest Feedback: Design and compile guest feedback
  • Final Practical Exam

Our curriculum is based on the globally acclaimed Swiss Hospitality Education which prepares you to live and work in an international arena

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