5 reasons to study at JSHM

5 reasons to study at JSHM, Vadodara

Those who follow the industry news closely are aware of a world-class hospitality institute located in Vadodara.

The Jindal School of Hotel Management (JSHM) is a hotel management school par excellence based in the cultural hub of Vadodara, Gujarat. Many acknowledge JSHM as one of the best international hospitality colleges in Gujarat and in India.

International Affiliations

Jindal School of Hotel Management offers a unique experience to budding hospitality professionals through its global course content and various study tours. Students get a dual certification (from national & international bodies).  The students can also choose to pursue the third year of specialisation in Switzerland.

JSHM’s partnership with the prestigious César Ritz Colleges, Switzerland, gives one the unique opportunity to obtain a SWISS hotel management degree of the highest quality. Jindal School’s much-coveted Higher Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management course in India enables a student to both study and work abroad.

Backed by Jindal Hotels Limited

The school benefits from the support of our parent company; Jindal Hotels Ltd. The Jindal Group is well-known in the field of hospitality and food processing. It has left an indelible mark in the industry for its business leadership and social involvement.

A flagship hotel of the Jindal Hotels Limited (JHL), Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace Hotel is located in the heart of Vadodara.

New-age Curriculum

Over the past decade, many facets of the service industry have shifted to adopt new technology and changing consumer demands. These changes have radically changed the way as to how modern hotels conduct their business.

JSHM has introduced many new courses to prepare their students for modern-day challenges. Courses like PR & E-Marketing for Hospitality and Events, Hotel Sustainable Development and Contemporary Trends are a few of the subject unique to JSHM. The course content is continually updated to give a cutting edge advantage to their students.

 Entrepreneurial Focus

Jindal School encourages its students to be their own boss. JSHM consults for many start-ups in Gujarat. Students benefit from being a part of this consultancy process. As a part of their curriculum, a  student at JSHM needs to offer viable solutions to specific business challenges. These challenges are given by the respective hotel managers.

The students also get to practice decision-making strategies through a simulation software called HOTS. Through HOTS simulation, a student learns real-world tactics without risking real money.

These experiences, coupled with knowledge gained through subjects like Entrepreneurship and Strategic Planning & Revenue Management, provides the tools and the necessary confidence for a JSHM-ite to become a successful entrepreneur.

Alumni Support

JSHM has maintained a high placement record since its inception in 2005. A vast majority of our students are working internationally.

Many of JSHM’s alumni are decision-makers for recruitment in their organisations. This goodwill created by the alumni in the hospitality industry opens many doors for our candidates both nationally and internationally.

The management of JSHM believes that for a student to develop to their fullest potential, a stable learning environment, academic challenges, and a comfortable learning atmosphere ably assisted by willing guides are a must. And JSHM provides just that!


hotel rating benchmarks

5 surprising facts about hotel star ratings!

How much do know about star hotel rating?

In the age of social media, all our decisions are based on ratings and user opinions. The hotel industry is among the few businesses that have always used ratings and benchmarks to help patrons make their decisions. Now we’re all aware of the star ratings. Some of us even know a thing or two about how these ratings work. But we seldom see how much attention ratings pay to the minutest of details.

Here are five things you probably never knew about star ratings and surely they will make you proud of the benchmarks the hospitality industry pursues!

#1 The 800+ Point Checklist

While star rating criteria differ across the world, a common checklist with over 800 points largely determines what star a hotel property manages to attain. This checklist consists of points to do with the property itself, the facilities, adherence to local laws, and most importantly customer service.

#2 Customer Service First

Over 70% of the factors that determine a hotel’s rating are related to quality in customer service. Surprisingly, most people believe that the it’s the property that matters more to a rating, but for the hospitality industry customer service is what comes first always.

#3 Bathrooms Matter

5-star hotels are typically associated with luxury and rightly so. But what is surprising is that one of the biggest indicators of luxury is the number of bathroom fixtures. 5-star hotels must have at least 5 bathroom fixtures. Generally including two sinks, a bath, a standalone shower, and a toilet. Many hotels even add bidets and climate control to go the extra distance in building glamorous bathrooms!

#4 News is Critical

Not many people know of this, but a newspaper can make or break hotel rating aspirations. While 3-star hotels need to at least have a reading stand with newspapers for guests to read. 4-star hotels must deliver a daily newspaper to all guest rooms. But to be able to get to a 5-star rating, hotels must offer a minimum of two choices of international newspapers and one local newspaper to each guest.

#5 Because Swimming Induces Thirst

This is one of those really lofty standards, but 5-star hotels are mandated to have a swimming pool equipped with poolside service on their premises. The poolside service must also provide complimentary refreshments to guests for every 90 minutes spent at the pool. So if a guest spends three hours at the pool, failing to offer refreshments twice could jeopardize hotel ratings.


While most guests tend not to notice most of the intricacies of hotel ratings, hotels work tirelessly to exceed the high benchmarks set for them. At Jindal School of Hotel Management, we groom aspiring hospitality professionals to understand customer service values. The same values that define the hospitality industry. These imbued values help JSHMites to become industry leaders. Practical teaching pedagogy and world-class facilities mean that our students learn the practical aspects of working in a hotel.  No wonder that JSHMites are ‘customer service’ ready from day one.

Tree Plantation by JSHM students

“Grow green, go Green” – Afforestation by JSHMites

Self-appointed eco-Warriors of Vadodara; fifty students of the  Jindal School of Hotel Management, planted 100 trees at the Xavier Green School, Wagodia. This tree plantation initiative is named “Grow green, go Green”.

“Grow green, go Green” was supported, encouraged and technically guided by the Founder of Xavier Green School, Father Jolly Nadukudiyil. Fr. Jolly is Prakruti Ratna Award winner and has also been felicitated with the VNM Environmental Excellence Award in 2016.

The “Grow green, go Green” project by the third year students of BBA in Hotel & Tourism Management is being counted as a practical step towards becoming a carbon-neutral organization. The 100 trees planted on the day will reduce 2,200 kilograms of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere every year. The trees planted in this program are Goras Amli, Banyan, Arjuna and Neem that rank top as natural air purifiers.

During the event, each participating student took a pledge to care and protect the trees as their own children.

Motivated with the goal to build an urban forest within the city, the students carefully planted each of the trees under the scorching Sun. Students earned a pleasant reward for their hard day’s toil; nature walk around the Xavier Centre of Eco Harmony. Nature walk around this 39-acre campus with 70,000 trees is a wholesome experience for city-bred students.

In this practical outdoor session, the students of the Jindal School of Hotel Management learnt about real-time sustainable hospitality practices that every responsible hotelier must practice to our world a greener and better place.


Hotel Management Myths

5 Myths about Hotel Management

When people hear the phrase “Hotel management”, they imagine visuals of a male chef in a white coat and a tall, white hat. For most people, the idea of a career in Hotel Management starts and ends with a job of cooking and serving food. But the reality is entirely different. Hospitality & Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.

In this article, the principal of the Jindal School of Hotel Management debunks some of the common myths about Hotel Management.

Myth No:1-  Hotel Management is only for students who are weak in academics.

It is unfortunate that our society brackets students into categories such as intelligent and weak based on academic performance. The grading systems of our schools have no criteria to judge individuals on their creative abilities, social skills, leadership skills, entrepreneurial abilities etc. Hotel Management studies offer a chance for students with these abilities to shine through and hence disprove the above misconception.

Admission Process to Get Hospitality Management Degree

Diploma or full-time degree in Hotel Management is purposefully offered to create a pool of eligible and efficient graduates who can handle several key departments in a hotel or hospitality industry. The courses are designed in such a way that the candidates get familiarized with banquets & catering, food hygiene, beverage & bar operations, rooms division, and customer services. Hospitality management degree includes class work along with real-life hospitality skills through practical works.

Basic admissibility condition for having admission in the hospitality management courses is a graduation degree in any stream or equivalent qualification for the master’s degree in hotel management. And if you are trying for diploma in hotel management, it requires you to have passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized college.