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2-Year International Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management

Curriculum of 2 year International Diploma program

This programme lays down strong fundamentals, exposing the student to the working of the hospitality industry and its requirements. The student is trained in the basics of hospitality and tourism management, food services and operations, housekeeping and business leadership, with a focus on practical sessions. The two-year course based upon internationally transferable credit system includes internships; giving you real-life experience in the industry.

At the end of this programme, you have the choice of either graduating with the Swiss Diploma and taking up an employment or pursuing further studies with our International Higher Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management Course.

Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management
Course codeCourse NameHoursCredits
Year 1
Term 1 (11 Weeks)
DHRM 107Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management453
DHRM 111English for Hospitality & Catering Industry453
DHRM 108Business Software Applications453
DHRM 105Front Office Operations302
DHRM 101Food & Beverage Service Theory453
DHRM 103Food Production & Food Safety Theory604
Term 2 (11 Weeks)
DHRM 106Housekeeping Operations302
DHRM 102Food & Beverage Service Practice901.5
DHRM 104Food Production Practice901.5
DHRM 109Personal Development & Communication453
DHRM 110Principles of Accounting453
Term 3 (11 weeks)
DHRM 201Food & Beverage Service Management453
DHRM 202Food & Beverage Service Practice 2601
DHRM 203Food Production Theory453
DHRM 204Food Production Practice 2601
DHRM 205Front Office Management & Information Systems302
DHRM 206Housekeeping Management302
Year 2
Term 2 (11 Weeks)
DHRM 207Bar & Beverage Management453
DHRM 208Hospitality Marketing & Sales453
DHRM 209Financial Accounting453
DHRM 210Principles of Management453
DHRM 211Banquets & Events453
DHRM 212Language – French453
Term 5 & 6 (22 weeks)
INT 101Internship (22 weeks)10006
Higher Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management


After completion of JSHM Two Year Diploma or Three Year Higher Diploma, students aspiring to enrol into an international degree program have the opportunity to enrol in César Ritz Colleges Switzerland undergraduate program. Students will be able to transfer their credits and receive advanced standing into the program.

Opportunity to transfer JSHM credits towards undergraduate degrees at Swiss Education Group member schools

  • Bachelor of International Business in Hotel & Tourism at César Ritz Colleges, Switzerland
  • Bachelor of Business Administration at     Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management/Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality &  Event Management/Bachelor of Arts in Event Management  at SHMS, Switzerland

3 Year Degree students and 2 Year Diploma students are eligible for international credit transfers to these programs

JSHM also assists with direct enrollment to any of these programs in Switzerland

Our curriculum is based on the globally acclaimed Swiss Hospitality Education which prepares you to live and work in an international arena