5 trendy but unconventional Hospitality careers

5 trendy but unconventional Hospitality careers where students are acing it!

Until a few years ago, if you enrolled for a degree in hospitality your career choices would be limited to the kitchens, service establishments, or rooms division of a hotel or a resort! Not that it was a bad thing, but it meant running with the herd in an already crowded race.

In a service industry driven by customers spoilt for choice, novelty is a necessary skill. And these trendy unconventional career options prove just how today�s young hospitality professionals are living the dream!

#1. Food �/ Hospitality Blogging

With so many dining and accommodation options and a flood of opinions on social media, making the right choice is a confusing task. This is where bloggers save the day, and who better to advise than an industry insider! Many hospitality students are making a foray into blogging and brands are lining up to partner with them to ensure their brands get 5 stars in the minds of audiences that swear by the opinion of these bloggers.

#2 Food Stylists

In the age of Instagram, if it doesn�t look good then perhaps it isn�t good. Every major food & beverage brand is gunning to make their social media accounts as deliciously enticing as possible and the stars behind this operation are food stylists.

Who better than a young hospitality professional to know that a picture of a Sunday roast lunch cannot be complete with a side of brussels sprouts tossed in olive oil and the apt hashtags to make it a trend. There you have it, a rewarding Hospitality career option that also comes with a great meal at the end of every shoot! Can anyone complain?

#3. Molecular Mixologists and Gastronomists

The trend that started in European labs has become a rage in India. Molecular gastronomy and mixology are an exciting career where hospitality professionals are having a gala time turning out bewildering dining & drinking experiences.

Young hospitality professionals are preferred for the role since they haven�t specialized in a particular cuisine yet and bring creativity to a field where it is most required.

#4. Glamping Butlers

Outbacks, ranches and camping trails are back in a completely new avatar � Glamping. Think about camping but with a touch of glamour and you have the newest trend in luxury hospitality.

While guests ready themselves for the perfect bonfire selfie, glamping butlers take complete care of their camping experience without them having to break a sweat. The role requires being able to do everything from setting up a tent to popping open a bottle of bubbly – perfect for young hospitality professionals!

Hiking and fitness are added perks of the job!

#5. Retail Therapists

If shopping is therapy then you need a therapist too, isn�t it! Retail therapists have a keen sense of hospitality and understand the psyche of shoppers to ensure they spend more and get more out of every penny they spend.

While it sounds too good to be true this Hospitality career exists, and its global popularity is making in-roads in high-end Indian establishments too. And no prizes for guessing that hospitality students are the ideal candidates for the job. No wonder!

Hospitality as a career choice has come a long way from the garbs of the chef whites and it�s an exciting time to be a part of it. So what�s your career aspiration like; social media champ or an outback know it all!