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How to prepare for hotel management entrance examination

5 tips to crack the Hotel Management Entrance Exam

Here are five tips for you to crack the Hospitality Management Entrance Examination

To get into any Private or government college for hotel management, one needs to pass a 10+2 degree and take English as one of your subjects. The hotel management entrance exam is challenging�it’s designed tough so that only qualified candidates can enter!

1. Make a preparation plan.

The first step in preparing for the Hotel Management entrance exam is planning. Firstly, understand the pattern and syllabus. Secondly, gather all relevant material that will help you prepare better.� Collect relevant books or sample papers from websites like Model Questions Papers. It’s also important to know how much time each day can spend studying, so one doesn’t over-burden themselves with work before they’re ready!

Typical sections of the Hotel Management Entrance Examination include:

� Numerical Ability and Analytical Aptitude
� Reasoning and Logical Deduction
� General Knowledge & Current Affairs
� English Language
� Aptitude for Service Sector

2. Study Material

You need to get suitable study material for preparation. Books and sample papers can be used as a good source of information, but there is one more thing that you should know. Hotel Management Entrance Examination’s syllabus changes frequently, so procure the latest study materials. These books are easily found online.

3. Solving previous years papers

The importance of preparation cannot be overstated. This process includes analysis, revising and taking mock tests, which are crucial for a successful exam outcome.
While solving the previous year’s papers, try to recreate the test duration and exam situation as much as possible.
Moreover, solving mock papers helps you better understand what will be on the actual exam and how to answer it more quickly.
Mock exams are an essential tool for students aiming at achieving high scores in their Entrance Exams.
Jindal School of Hotel Management’s entrance exam is conducted online. The Examination consists of 35 Questions in MCQ format. The test is of 30 minutes duration.

4. Being abreast of current affairs

It is essential to keep up with current events and general information when preparing for the exam. One way that will help applicants prepare better than ever before is by reading newspapers or books from one year previous as well! This helps them enhance their vocabulary skills and gives an idea of what material might be covered on test days.

5. Aptitude for service selection

One of the government ( NCHMCT JEE) entrance exam challenges is the ” Aptitude for service selection” section. The questions in this section are related to the Hospitality industry.
To do well in this section of the hotel management entrance exam, Start by reading about what hotels have been doing right for years. Their outlook Traveller magazine or Go Now book tells all those exciting stories from around the world where they’re going next. And don’t forget destination India.


The growth of the hospitality industry is not just limited to one country; it’s an international trend. Best way to get into this lucrative field and learn all about managing hotels from scratch would be with a degree in Hotel Management!
In Conclusion, Hotel management entrance exam can give us insight into what qualities might make someone successful, so take advantage of others because these opportunities won’t last forever.